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We’re ideally situated in Southwestern Ontario on the beautiful shores of the St. Clair River and Lake Huron. Whether you are planning to visit, explore or relocate, there are plenty of treasures to be found.

Experience Lambton County

Fun Facts

  • 116 Public Parks
  • 600 Kilometers of Trails
  • 19 Premium Golf Courses
  • 400 Annual Festivals & Events
  • 115 Kilometers of Waterfront

A Little Bit About Us

Located on beautiful Lake Huron, where it meets the St. Clair River, Lambton County is the total package for vacation destinations and affordable resort-style living.

Here you’ll find tropical blue waters with abundant soft sandy beaches, rare natural habitats, diverse agricultural offerings and unique geological formations. Park lined river banks provide a front row seat to watercraft of all kinds. From jet skis and yachts to fishing boats and shipping freighters, we’re located on one of the busiest international waterways.

Inland attractions include a Canada’s First designation, where the industry’s birth left a rich legacy of Victorian era architecture, ambiance and historic sites. Scenic drives throughout the County reveal acres of fresh working farms, road side stands, markets and unspoiled green spaces.


Explore, experience and enjoy all that our communities have to offer.

Experience Lambton County